Public Speaking is Challenging for Most People…
      …toss in a little brain damage for added emphasis

“Of everything that contributed to my recovery and rise to billion dollar success,
no single thing was more important or did more than my time in Collegiate Speech and Debate”
author – Daniel Brickal

A Debt of Gratitude

After his accident, Daniel Brickal was physically able to speak… But choose not to. Like the story of the little boy who didn’t speak until he was twelve years old – he claims he simply didn’t have anything to say…

The Master Shaman Nakwualakashapei, who mentored him was also a Harvard PhD and insisted Daniel Graduate College as well as join the Collegiate Speech and Debate Team…

“My time as a CSUF Bulldog Forensic Competitor was perhaps the most important part of my recovery. I literally went from not speaking at all, to being a California State Champion Speaker comfortable in front of thousands of people…

Later, when I went on to achieve my career successes I realized thatthe skills I learned in the forensic society proved themselves to be more valuable than I ever imagined posible… For this I am eternally grateful…”

A Shining Example

PeopleCentric is a shining example of the powerful effect the Forensic Society is able to have in peoples’ lives. At center stage of the story is the role Speech and Debate played in his recovery and career achievements…

We believe that in the years to come, PeopleCentric will be ubiquitous reading amongst young Speech and Debate competitors… The tools it delivers and the example it presents is simply to wonderful to ignore…

Raising the Bar…

As PeopleCentric premiers, Daniel will be doing a nationwide book signing and speaking tour… During that tour he’s decided to actively express his gratitude to the Forensic Society (regional and national level organizations) through speaking engagements, appearances, mentor-ships and any other way he can think of…

Will you help to make the book premier and tour a success? All we’re asking is this – When the book releases, if you like it: Will you tell your friends and organizations about it?

“If, the PeopleCentric book lives up to its promise,
we (or I) will tell our (or my):

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