“The time has come for all the children of the Earth to Unite as One People, One Nation.”
World Indigenous People Conference, Council of Elders, 1999

Sometimes it takes a council of elders to stand up and say what we all already know… to remind us to keep going forward in spite of our differences may be the most empowering thing we can do…

Silencing the Differences

“My name is AunjaNakuanajua, I am the apprentice to the Master Shaman Nakwualakashapei. I have changed his name here for sake of keeping the sacred land and location away from the media, but the name I changed it to is easily recognizable by those who know him… and Nakwualakashapei is well known among indigenous people from all over the globe.

You may know me as the Windwalker, and this book PeopleCentric is my book… But it’s story belongs to us all… If you know me, or if you know Nakwualakashapei – then you know I am the one who travels between all tribes…”

Your Help is Requested

“As the Master Shaman would tell you, ‘Windwalker is young and stupid, he’s a reluctant Shaman who selfishly spends his time deep in the woods, far from the world where his gifts would do the most good…’ But he has passed to the other side now, and I am not so young anymore.”

“I promised him I would write this book and share it with the world, and honor the gifts he gave to us all (if you don’t know him, ask an elder about him)… Now I am asking for your help…”

“The publishers want to know how many people I can tell about the book once it prints, I want to tell them my Indigenous Brothers, Sisters, and Elders from all over the world will help to spread the word… So, I’m asking: Will you tell your friends, communities, and organizations about the book once it publishes?

The Windwalker – AunjaNakuanajua – aka. Daniel Brickal

Commitment at this time (without having read it) is preliminary, there’s no obligation. But by raising your hand now and telling us how how many people you’re willing to tell (if you like the book), you’ll be sending a powerful message to the publishers that there are literally millions of us who are eager for this book…

“If, the PeopleCentric book lives up to its promise, we will tell our:
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