New, yet dear friend Jill Lublin gave the launch thermometer a healthy push this morning when she pledged to email her 12,000 subscribers about the PeopleCentric book premier!

Jill’s support and belief in the project means so much in so many ways…

Not only is she a 3 time bestselling author herself, she’s also a Talk Show host, and seminal leader in the modern world of Public Relations…

But what makes Jill so special and different is that her success as a Public Relations specialist (she’s a top bestselling author in the field) is based on her PeopleCentric approach to publicity… You see, Jill’s success as a publicist comes from always putting people first and teaching professionals to regard their audiences as “humans” rather than “consumers”.

“Public relations is human relations. Everything you say or do is public relations. It is in the way you act everyday with everyone you encounter.”
Jill Lublin

On top of that, Jill has used to her acclaim as an author to launch the “Messages of Hope” project and T.V. show where she dedicates herself to bringing pure positivity, inspiration and true to life, ‘Messages of Hope’ to people all over the world… She’s even put together a conference dedicated to simply inspiring and empowering people from all walks of life… You can learn more about Jill and Messages of Hope here: Messages of Hope

So a huge thanks to Jill and all the best wishes for her upcoming project!

Of course, you don’t need to send out 12,000 emails to participate…

We love, need, want all the support we can get from everyone, commitments range from telling 150 facebook friends all the way up to telling 130,000 email subscribers! It doesn’t make any difference to us, every single person is equally important!

So please don’t hesitate to join the PeopleCentric Book Launch!

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