Our friend Steve Lillo over at PlantLink breathed new life into the PeopleCentric website this week before pledging to send out over 3,000 emails supporting the book premier!

You may have noticed our website looks radically different this week… We have Steve Lillo from PlanetLink to thank for the changes… PlanetLink is a full service webdesign boutique that is well known as the go to source for books and authors…

Authors such as John Crudele, Sylvia Lafair, Gail Harris, Scott M. Haskins, Sue Farley, Timothy Noonan, John Zelezny and countless others all turn to PlanetLink to fulfill their web-design needs…

Of course, if PlanetLink tried to donate websites for every book with a good cause, they’d quickly be in the poor house, so instead of doing it for us – Steve Lillo spent a good chunk of his day going through the site with Daniel, brainstorming ideas, and tellin gus what we needed to do to make it a top-notch world caliber BookSite…

“The site looks great, but for a book like PeopleCentric you really need to make it something special, something that gives people the chance to get involved…”
Steve Lillo

On top of that, Steve laid down a list of exactly what he felt the site needed to do in order to reach the next level… Then even agreed to help promote the book to his over 3,000 friends and personal email contacts!

We so appreciate all your help and guidance Steve and everyone over at PillarsPress just loves the new site! Thank you so much for your guidance and support!

Of course, we love – need – want all the support we can get from everyone, and commitments range from telling 150 facebook friends all the way up to telling 130,000 email subscribers! It doesn’t make any difference to us, every single person is equally important!

So please don’t hesitate to join us and Support the PeopleCentric Book Launch!

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