An Under-Served Population

Each year over 1.5 million Americans will experience a life changing Traumatic Brain Injury. At any given time there are over 3.2 million Americans coping with long term Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)… We just have one question: “Where’s all the books?”

In 1994 Daniel Brickal experienced “Moderate Bi-lateral Occipital-Parietal Damage” resulting in Recoverable General Agnosia and Semi-Permanent Simultagnosia (similar, but not identical to Bálint’s Syndrome).

Trauma Induced Autism

There is some debate about the causes of Autism, but there is no debate that some types of Traumatic Brain Injury can result in an experience identical to the Autistic (seeThe Autistic Society or “Autism and Brain Damage” – The Autism Centre).

While many people actively avoid the phrase, this condition is often referred to as “Trauma Induced Autism” – because the two are so similar that the symptoms, treatment, therapy and coping mechanisms are in many cases identical…

A Story that Empowers – and Changes the Way People See Us…

PeopleCentric is the amazing true story of how Daniel Brickal made the ‘single mindedness’ of his condition work to his advantage and become a billion dollar success, creating over 30,000 jobs and building public schools in 21 different cities…

It isn’t a story of miraculous recovery and healing, it’s a story about playing the cards we’re dealt and making the most out of what we’ve got… It’s a story about focusing on People (ie. PeopleCentric) and learning to embrace the uniqueness within everyone…

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It’s not a contract, it costs nothing, and there’s no obligation involved. Simply put, by raising your hand now your helping us to send a powerful message to the book’s publishers that there are literally millions of us – Eager and Ready for success story just like this one…

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